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June 2021 net worth roundup

As of June 30, 2021, we have a total net worth of $457,496.65. This includes all of our individual and joint savings, investments and real estate value. Compared to last month, this is an increase of +$15,528.61 or +3.51%.

Here are some views to help break this down:

To explain the increase in Total Net Worth for June, here’s a deep-dive into each of these views:

1. Increase of $15,528.61 broken-down by Account Types:

1a. Home Equity (+$1,715.85)

We achieved this by simply paying down the required mortgage amount. We locked in a 4-year fixed mortgage rate in 2020 at 2.14%. As long as the rate stays this low, you won’t see me pre-paying mortgage anytime soon 🙂

1b. Cash and cash equivalents (+$1,711.24)

A lot of cash flows in June, but overall our our cash reserve had an increase. We are working on building up more in joint Emergency Funds.

1c. Investments (+$12,384.19)

$12,394.19?! My jaw dropped when I saw this number. But here’s a fact: We only invested $850 post-tax dollars into the market.

Yes, you read that right. The rest of the increase came from:

  • Employer matching programs: $2,847.04 (pre-pay contributions to Employer stock ownership plans and DC pensions)
  • Dividends: $1,041.79 (a combination of $656.16 C$ and $309.77 US$)

The rest of $7,645.36 were Market Growth!

For context: my take-home salary in June was $5,368.84. Not only the market made money when I was asleep, it also made more than my salary – and I worked 50+hrs/ week for it!


1d. Debt (-$282.67)

Our debt decreased by $282.67 in June. We achieved this by paying down Mr V’s student loan. We pay credit cards in full monthly.

2. Increase of $15,528.61 broken-down by Account Holders:

2a. Joint net worth (+$4,611.50)

Our joint assets include: our home, the mortgage and any shared accounts for day-to-day expenses (i.e. groceries, bills, purchases for our home, etc). The increase came from paying down mortgage and building up joint Emergency Funds.

2b. Her net worth (+$7,648.58)

In June, I only saved $250 to my margin account. The rest came from employer matched programs and market growth.

2c. His net worth (+$3,268.53)

Mr V actively invested $600 in his TFSA in June. The rest also came from employer matching programs and market growth.

3. Increase of $15,528.61 broken-down by financial goals:

3a. Her personal FIRE Goals (+0.70%)

My personal net worth increased by $7,648.58 in June, which accounts for +0.70% progress towards my $1M goal.

3b. His personal FIRE Goals (+0.33%)

Mr V’s net worth increased by $3,268.53 in June, which accounts for +0.33% progress towards his $1M goal.

3c. Total Net Worth (+0.78%)

As a family, we are working towards a $2M goal in Total Net Worth. Total net worth is inclusive of everything we own: cash, savings, investments and home equity. The increase of $15,528.61 in June is +0.78% progress towards the $2M goal.

Here is the month-over-month view for June 2021 in more detail:

Final thoughts for June 2021

June was a very busy month for me – having to juggle between work projects, wedding planning and all the life admins, I’m admittedly a bit slow on the blog.

But rest assured, I am around! Whether you have any questions, feedback, or just want to say hi – feel free to comment on this blog or reach me here. I’m looking forward to getting to know more of you that’s on the same journey.

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